Sickness and Problem Solving

I’ve been a bit quiet because any longer than half an hour on any device seems to leave me motion sick as all hell and shaky.

Following up on the repeated patterns post…seems my partner may just be exhibiting behaviours he learned from his step mom. I spoke to him and he has really been trying. I can actually see how he assess his reactions and how he tries to keep me calm or is learning to not make snarky remarks etc. I think he woke up a bit once I’d said to him that I am quite capable of doing this alone and that if he doesn’t jack up his behaviour and start acting like an adult then I will cut him out. He actually seems excited now. And he even asked me if we could officially announce it after my scan at the end of this month. I will be about 12/13 weeks then so it seems a good time to do it. And I was utterly surprised because up until recently he has just wanted to keep it hush hush, like doing so would make it go away. SO at least he is embracing all this and is trying to correct those nasty behaviours. I guess it also shows how much stronger I have become over the years. And trust me, I know I am n angel with all these hormones raging but I also know that is NO excuse to yell at me or make nasty comments.

Well I was planning on updating more but just this has my stomach reeling and I feel like I want to pass out. One good piece of news, quickly, is that I can finally get in some healthier foods without wanting to throw them back up! Oh it’s the small things in life.

Back to lying down in bed for a bit. I’ll have to try again tomorrow…


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