Food Humour

I found this article after Googling about junk food and pregnancy. I can pretty much only stomach junk food and it’s worrying me because I’m pretty sure (besides the ridiculous weight gain) all the sugar, salt, preservatives, etc. are really not doing my poor squishy any good! I have shoveled copious amounts of plain salted and salt and vinegar lays down my throat…in actual fact, it’s the first thing I eat before getting out of bed. Then it’s been apricot jam swiss rolls, apricot jam donuts, McFlurries (oreo and caramel please!), ice cream cones with flakes, cheese rolls, scrambled egg lathered in salt and tomato sauce, cheesey pasta, cheesy anything really, pies…and thank gawd…ice cold water!

And to think, 4 weeks ago I was still eating clean and junk food made me sick. Quite the opposite now. I’m even struggling to take my vitamins. Omw and the craving for watermelon and mango is very very real! But it’s winter here and neither of those are anywhere to be found… *cries hysterically*

Crying over food is a legit thing in these times.

Ok here’s the link, enough of my babbling: The Amazing Allure of Junk Food During Pregnancy



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