The Verdict

And a decision has been made. I think from my previous posts it might have already shown but I have decided to go through with this pregnancy. GASP…I think I feel a little shock of terror and simultaneous excitement run through me every time I say or think that!

I finally decided after days and days of mulling over how I would make it work financially. My partner is currently unemployed and 21. I do not earn an amazing salary but luckily I do supplement it with my other little businesses. All I’ve wanted for ages is to make a living off writing. I had a poem published at 12, wrote my first song, wrote a novel up to page 86 in middle school, have guest written for a few blogs and have even provided or edited content for a website or two. So I started looking in to copywriter courses. I’d have to do something online or part time and it seems those are in short supply in this country…as with everything else. But there is a course starting next year, I just don’t think a newborn and studying go hand in hand somehow. Perhaps my support system could help out.

The main thing here is I am going to make it work. I want to do this. I was told I might not even have children…if I have a termination not only will it rip me apart emotionally but if I then cannot have another child I will live with that for the rest of my life too. So, I think at 28 I am big enough and ugly enough to deal with this. And I’m rather motivated by this little unborn human already. Exciting yet scary times.

Anyway, I feel sick as hell and I’m utterly exhausted plus I have a full day of nanny duties for the rest of the week as it is school holidays. Just wanted to share the news 🙂

Good night x


2 thoughts on “The Verdict

  1. Congratulations! It is scary but it’s pretty much like anxiety: you worry too much over something that is not that big of a deal. A baby is the biggest deal of all, but the load that comes with him or her is not as heavy as it seems.

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