How to Cure Morning Sickness

You can’t.
And if I have to read another glib article that tells me to nibble crackers before I get out of bed and to “sip slowly on aromatic ginger tea to help ease the nausea” I may actually throw up. Nausea really doesn’t explain the feeling. It’s more like being constantly sea sick.

And. Nothing. Helps. Except giving in to the odd cravings of the one or two foods that don’t make you want to gag at the thought and then praying you can keep even that down. I’m aware that not all women suffer from bad morning sickness (so inappropriately named because it has become my new state of existence) and boy do I envy you! No really, I suffer from emetophobia, a severe and irrational fear of throwing up. I tried hypnotherapy for it once and it triggered my anorexia so I kind of left it at that. But now I’m being smacked in the face with the phobia every single day and it’s terrifying me. And then I worry about the anxiety because I know anxious mommies affect the growing baby.

Anyway, so my point is actually the annoying advice on ‘curing’ morning sickness. So far I’m kind of learning to navigate it and what helps ease it a bit. For me it’s getting out of bed reaaally slowly in the mornings. I tried getting up like I used to and it knocked me heavily. I then make a small plate of random bites of all sorts of things to nibble because I never know what will work. Then it’s back to bed to try function and get something into my stomach. Throughout the day I have to literally nibble whatever it is my body accepts. Sometimes I can actually eat a full meal, like this afternoon when I just wanted scrambled eggs with tomato sauce on toast. After that it went down hill a bit. The things that seem to help most are smooth fruit flavoured yoghurts, frozen grapes, ice cold water, cheese things (on toast, on a cracker, on pizza…depends on my stomach), ice cream, sugary drinks.

So as this is clearly not a one size fits all thing, I’d be really interested to hear from others, what worked/works for you? How did you manage your every day routine?

I’m off to lie down and watch a movie with my partner.
Good night x


One thought on “How to Cure Morning Sickness

  1. There is no cure unfortunately. More of a plethora of tips to get you through it till it hopefully subsides. I found salty carbs were helpful for my nausea (I wasn’t too bad so I feel for anyone who struggles!!) But another mum I spoke to, loved dairy. Just try lots of different things and see how they go! You may stumble upon your magic formula. It usually starts to ease around week 10 for most people, just hope that you are in that bunch and not the ones who get stuck with it the whole time.

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