Today’s grocery list hooked…no wait…(brain soaking in a quagmire of hormones and phone loves autocorrect) LOOKED like this today:

Orange juice ice cube

Half a piece of raisin bread (toasted with butter)

A crisp bread cracker

Half a cup whole wheat Pronutro

Another cracker with some Gouda cheese

A hot chocolate

A caramel and oreo McFlurry

A cracker with cheese and smoked chicken, 3 tomato slices, 2 cucumber slices, 2 black olives

Few sips ginger beer

A small packet of niknaks…also a few bites of plain salted chips and salt & vinegar because I wasn’t sure which one I was craving. Probably all three blended into soup.



I’m going to turn into a mammoth…except I actually shaved my legs today so perhaps just a hairless mammoth. Should’ve seen me trying to find clothes to wear to work today…it was not pretty. My wtf faces were out in full force.


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