The Human Incubator

Thought the title to be rather appropriate considering.

My boobs are SO SORE, I am peeing all the bloody time, my back aches, my neck aches, I’m so tired I feel like a zombie from Walking Dead…actually probably look pretty close to one with my skin breaking out and my hair that is greasy like 5 minutes after washing it. And yesterday I literally ate cereal, soup and a ton of cheesy garlic bread and tuna…not all together, although I hear it’s not uncommon 😛 Banana and cheese is the only odd combo I’ve had so far.

And women have been doing this for eons…are you all nuts?! Lol. Kiiidding. So I haven’t made any decisions besides booking an ultrasound and consult to see how far along I am and to discuss options. I don’t know how to feel. I don’t know…abortion is beginning to freak me out. But having a child when I am not financially stable, with my health, with a partner 7 years younger than me who is still trying to find a job as a white male in this godforsaken racist country…

I’m feeling very lost.Very torn. Either way, whatever I choose, life will never be the same again…


One thought on “The Human Incubator

  1. That is an incredibly hard decision to make, raising a child is hard, abortion is hard, adoption is hard. Hopefully speaking to a counsellor can help you figure it all out and be confident that the decision you make is the right one for you ❤

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