Starwolf and The Rabbit Girl

So I was inspired by this…see belowq-LHhwnfmWQI was inspired by this 20 year old gypsy viking soul and our connection to this beautiful story. I started writing this morning and this is what flowed out of my mind and onto the paper:

I am the earthbound girl, delighting in the physical realm of touch and taste and earth. But at night I would gaze at the inky blackness of the sky and my heart would silently call to the shimmering stardust and inky unknown that held so much magic.
And then you came to me.
You. The night, the one wolf made from stars and moons and mystery. You felt my call and you leapt from the skies and back to the world you once roamed many moons ago.
You lay besides me, enrapturing my curious mind with the endless galaxies that shimmered in your warm fur; and you let me build constellations from the stars, watching me as I shared them with you in the same innocence and delight I always carried with me. And in return I fed you when you were starving and fixed the lonely ache in your heart, sharing stories and wonders from my days.
One night as you wrapped your warmth around me and I leaned into you, as we had done so many times before, you realized that you had also wrapped your heart around me.
I lay there as you watched me sleep and what you didn’t realize was that my heart had found a place amongst the constellations we had built together. It had found a place and it had called it home.
You, the Starwolf, and I, the earthly Rabbit Girl, tied by a love that transcended the separate realms from which we once came.

*I did quote one or two lines from the original story but other than that it is all my original work as written 14th April 2016.


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