Your Heart Held Mine

Your heart held mine.
Your heart held mine in the empty spaces of love and bone
but my heart held not yours.
Yours sat in the the broken rib cage of a girl shrouded in your veil of illusion
trapped like a bird who did not know it could fly,
a brilliant canary who saw the cage but overlooked the peripheral open gate.
The gate that overlooked the open garden of my heart,
flowering with vibrance for a springtime of love,
the sweet nectars of blossoms that would unfurl in brilliance
fed by the patience of time and the warmth of a nurturing soul.
But you turned away.
There was no chance for you to glimpse the garden between the tightly stacked bars.
No chance until you search and find the open gate waiting…
Only then could the beauty of that garden be nurtured by the loving wings of a bird now free…


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