On My Own

I’m on my own. Standing free as the daily goings on of life whirl around me. I am alone…but not lonely. Sure I miss the velvet of your skin as I crept into your warmth and you entwined your legs in mine. I miss the laughter we shared and the late night talks. And I miss having someone to tell my silly stuff too. But I am on my own and I am still standing. Standing tall and proud. Standing, sometimes a little awkwardly, unbalanced, but strong.

I feel the memories washing like waves over my present thoughts, but I brush them off. This will never make sense to me, and that’s okay. It is what it is. What will be, will be. I am strong. I have pushed through two weeks of downpouring tough luck and not crumbled. I am exploring this new feeling of aloneness without the loneliness. Surrounded by beautiful souls who have helped me through my tears and frustrations; who have laughed with me and searched the city late at night to the sound of eager conversations and open hearts.

I am lucky really, to have this moment in life where my roots are growing firmly, creating an even, solid foundation so that one day my branches may entwine again without threatening to uproot me. I am guided by my own needs and wants, proving to myself that I have grown beyond even my wildest dreams. I am grateful for this space in time where I sit, observing myself and the magic that unfurls each day. The loving hearts that carry mine. The warm arms of close friendship and the faint smile of a knowing that come what may, I am alone, but never lonely.


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