A New Year

Happy new year to you all 🙂 I bet you’re as fed up of hearing that as I am of writing it hahaha!

2015 ended with a bang for me. Just after buying a plane ticket to visit one of my best friends early this year, my cellphone was stolen, then my car broke down and I found out the radiator had blown. I was then told that my head gasket might need replacing too. I got sick just before I was due to leave for my new years holiday with a very special someone, and meeting his family for the first time.

But on the positive: I booked a ticket to see one of my dearest friends and arranged to see some family whilst in the area. Business has been booming over season and I’ve made a fair amount of cash. I chugged probiotics with anti nausea pills plus did a day of liquid diet and still made my holiday. This special someone and I are exclusively dating as of the 30th December. (There was a major commitment freak out on the 2nd Jan…so let’s take it from there). His family like me 🙂 and I had one of the most magical new years eve I’ve had in a check of a long time.

So new year and obviously, as we all do, I get thinking about goals I’d like to achieve. I don’t believe in resolutions as they are open ended. SMART goals work far better. So here’s my rough plan (because life happens):

  • Finish nutrition course by end of February.
  • Apply for UK passport as soon as…
  • Pay off my debt asap. It’s not a lot but it’s more than I’ve allowed to accumulate ever! I hate even a little debt.
  • Save for UK ticket.
  • Find a good life coaching course.
  • Tone up and prepare for photo shoot at end of January. Yoga 2x per week plus gym 3 times. No alcohol during week. More clean eating, less carbs and processed food.
  • Approach this new relationship with care and keep the independence and fun loving attitude I’ve nurtured since my break up in August.
  • Continue building my wellness website.

So, that’s it from me for now 🙂 time to go snuggle up to my man…still feels so weird to say that! Lol, I’ll have to write another post about our little story.

Good night xxx


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