Laparoscopy Recovery

Been a bit quiet since my post just before my lap. I came round from the anesthesia around 6pm, vaguely remember my mum sitting there. Then I don’t remember anything until I woke up the following morning. I do know they offered me more painkillers but I refused them, lol. I am so medication sensitive and was still high as a kite when I was discharged around 2pm. The drive home was long and every bump hurt, but I was not in nearly as much pain as everyone had said I would be in. The worst was how fuzzy my head still felt.

I camped at my gran’s house for the first night, staying on the couch and pretty much just sleeping. The next day I went for lunch with her and my mum, then a friend came to stay over. I developed a cough and was up until 3am because of it. The cough lasted a good 3 days and drove me NUTS. Nothing I did helped the itchy, sore feeling. And coughing after a laparoscopy is no joke…just saying.

Anyway other than that I felt okay, I stopped taking painkillers on day 3 and started getting out and about a bit. Not driving myself but I went out to pubs and sat with friends Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, hahaha. Sunday I started developing a pain on my left side near my incision and ovary area. Yesterday I went back to the hospital because the pain is getting worse and I was worried I’d ripped something.

Turns out I’ll live. If I sit the hell down and stop over doing it. The pain is irritation inside. It feels like hundreds of open blisters. So I took tramadol when I got home yesterday and after sleeping for two hours woke up feeling hungover and so sick. Had to bring a bucket to my room and take an anti nausea pill. Never mind the sedative qualities of both the meds which left me high as a kite and wanting to sleep. But every time I closed my eyes the world was spinning and I felt like I wanted to throw up. So I was awake until about 3am.

Today I am tired as heck and sore. I am fed up after being told I cannot exercise for 6 weeks. I asked if I couldn’t take a little teeny walky-hike and the doctor laughed and said, “No, stay at home and rest.” SIX WEEKS of no exercise!?? My eating disordered brain starts screaming at me a little. OMG I am going to get fat. Also what if I can’t drive next week? I have to work. I can barely walk right now, or at least not very far…like bed to kitchen or I took a little stroll downstairs to my friend’s car earlier and she took me for cake and tea. Now I feel more sore. I hate this so much. Serious FOMO right now because my friends are out for a drink and I have been staring at my bedroom walls and watching series for two days.

However, perhaps this is good. I need to think about why I cannot sit still for long periods of time. I think a big part of it is needing to move and be active because perhaps I have transferred Ana into some form of orthorexia. But is putting on a bit of weight the worst thing that could happen? I have a gym contract and I will enjoy the challenge again. Then I keep thinking, what am I running from that I don’t want to sit on my own all the time. Maybe I need to look into this. Might be nothing. Might just be that I am hyper active and want to experience a shit ton of things rather than wasting time in bed. Guess I could get out my maths books and start studying again, as long as the painkillers and lack of sleep don’t make me too foggy!

Right, time for bed.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I have stage 1 endometriosis so it really wasn’t a major op. And I have been bleeding for a week. Yay. Fun.


One thought on “Laparoscopy Recovery

  1. I’m glad the operation went well. Do try to listen to the doctors now and rest though! Listen to your body. I know doing nothing is hard though, could you do some sitting down tasks that would make you feel productive but don’t risk hurting yourself e.g. sorting photo albums, knitting, cleaning jewellery… (these are just random things that popped into my head!). Take care

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