Laparoscopy Day

Woken up at 5am; blood pressure and temperature taken, told to go shower and then given two of those super pretty hospital gowns 😛

Today is the day. It feels surreal. There is a lady going in before me at around 9am. My surgery should be around 12pm but this is a government hospital so all I can do is hope it doesn’t end up being tonight. The anaesthetist still hasn’t come to see me and he was supposed to chat to me yesterday already!

Yesterday must’ve been the most boring day ever. Apparently I don’t sit still well, lol. I wanted to go run and get fresh air. I wanted to hike. To be on the beach. It was, of course, one of those amazing summery days. And today is too apparently; it’s not even 6am yet so I’m basing this on weather reports. Tomorrow however, is raining again…the day I go home of course.

So I’m obviously nervous because I’m waffling on about the weather. Very nervous. Nervous of not having seen the anaesthetist yet, nervous of going under, nervous of what will happen or how I’ll feel when I come round. I’ve never had a proper op before. I keep visualizing horrid scenarios, typical of my brain. But I catch myself and try picture everything going fine, waking up groggy and sore but able to just sleep it off. Rather than waking up in agony, feeling really sick, or god forbid, throwing up. It’s still my biggest fear can you believe it…thank you emetophobia. Pain I can handle, throwing up…not so much.

So I’m sitting on my bed in my gowns, ‘nil by mouth’ sign above me bed. Think I’ll just go back to sleep at this rate. It’s going to be a very long morning. And they better feed me anti anxiety pills…in fact just dose me up so I can wake up in 3 days time with the worst of it starting to fade.

Sheesh, when did I become such a wuss!  *Puts big girl panties on*
See you on the other side…


3 thoughts on “Laparoscopy Day

  1. Hi there! I completely understand what you are dealing with. I had a Laparoscopy done a few years back and I was really nervous about it. It is a quick and painless procedure! Afterwards they should give you some meds to help the slight pain and soreness. I think I felt better after 2-3 days! I hope it goes well for you, sending positive energy your way. 🙂

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