Love and Broken Hearts

We broke up. About an 2 hours ago. It wasn’t ugly. It was a mutual agreement that things just aren’t progressing. The hardest part of this is that in theory it should work…we want the same things, we’re really similar at the core of it all…and we love each other. So much. But he needs to find himself, he needs to love himself and find what he wants from life. He is such a beautiful soul and I wish he could see his potential. I wish he loved himself so that he could express his love for me. I wish he would’ve let his walls down and let me in so I could be there for him like I wanted to.

I’m not blameless but where I tried to work it out he just isn’t able to right now.

It hurts. God it hurts so much. And I love him even more for being strong enough to agree that he needs to find his way. For saying he knows he didn’t treat me as he should’ve. For saying he still loves me so much.

I had to do this…but I’m afraid this pain might consume me. I can barely breath. I will always love him…


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