Bored and Chronic Ramblings

I may be dying…or at least it feels like it. Been stuck on the loo with what must be the most horrific spasms. I even moved my handbag with all my meds and a bottle of water into the loo with me. Oh and my cellphone connected to a portable charger. Hahaha…those of you with IBS will know what a loo camp-out is like.

I’ve still been battling aches and pains this week, especially nerve tingling,  losing a bit of feeling in my arms, and what feels like a bruised spine. I decided to prod my forearm with a sharpish object and then there was the debate of do I see a GP and start a whole new series of investigations (if I’m not just told it’s all in my head) or do I just sit pretty for the two months until my laparoscopy? Can endo even cause neuropathy?? It will probably go away when the flare up does anyway.

So I went for a healing massage this week instead. Felt amaaaazing and was floating on a cloud but still battled to eat without feeling bit sick. By the evening I had to skip out on my plans because I was so nauseous and tired. Boyfriend took me home, I climbed into bed and was out like a light. Saturday I woke up and didn’t want to move. The ache in my hips, the pains under my left and right lower ribs, the tingling, the brain fog…I was like, what’s the point. I felt to bone-weary-tired to even get food. Eventually my boyfriend got me into a shower and took me for some brunch (how fancy right?) at a great little place I’ve been wanting to try. Got back and was so exhausted that I slept again for a few hours. Then up and at ’em for a friend’s engagement party, which was actually lots of fun AND I made it through until about 11pm!

Now it’s nearly 6am. I have made it off the loo and moved camp to the bed, complete with hot water bottle and sleeping boyfriend. In fact I’m feeling rather knackered again. Think I’ll try get some more sleep if I can.

If you’ve read this until the end, congrats for that. No seriously. Must be one of the most boring and rambling posts I’ve written in a while. See what happens when one is bored and sick? Lol

Good night…morning…whatever


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