ruthidubilo | 10 Things Not To Say To Someone With Endometriosis!10-Things-Not-To-Say-To-Someone-With-Endometriosis/cmbz/554107880cf23d01645ffe1a

The best bit of the above post:

If you were really sick, you wouldn’t talk about it so much. You just want attention.
This goes out to you, the anonymous people of Tumblr. How can I not talk about something that affects me nearly every single day of my life? How can I stay quiet about my illness when there isn’t a cure and it forces me and other women to live a fraction of the life they wish to lead. I’ve had to work around being sick in order to find a career I can pursue that allows me to make my own hours so that I can take a breather if I’m having a bad day without the pressure of a someone breathing down my neck.

Most people have never heard of endometriosis. As far as I’ve heard, a lot of gynecologists don’t even mention it to women. You’ve heard of the risks of cervical and ovarian cancer but not endometriosis. If talking about it means that some girl who is suffering from endometriosis in middle or high school can be diagnosed it makes it worth it.’

Nicely said. I sometimes feel like this disease is consuming me and everything I thought I was. It becomes a piece of you as you reshuffle the broken bits of the life you thought you’d lead into the life you now have no choice but to live.


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