Endometriosis: The Natural Way

So here it goes. Today is day 6 off Visanne. I saw my Naturopath last week and shuffled around my supplements. So this is what the plan is:

Digestive Enzymes with every main meal
Burnout for adrenal fatigue, after breakfast and lunch
Magnesium Glycinate after supper/before bed
Berbemycin – this is new and I am still waiting for my order, so no idea what the dose is yet. It’s supposed to help with inflammation and immune support.

Yin Yoga once a week.
Gentle walk or workout at home 4 x a week
Insulin control diet. Not diet as in ‘lose weight’ but as in a lifestyle. Anti-inflammatory, keeps blood sugar stable for all that awful fatigue, helps with digestion issues, etc.
I also want to try acupuncture as I have heard from a few women that it works wonders for pain.

That’s the low down for now. Today was day one of cleaner eating as well. I forgot the insulin control diet pages at home and I am house sitting at the moment. Went to fetch them this afternoon so that I can work out a proper meal plan for the week and perhaps start planning for next week as well. But I didn’t do too badly for day one. The sugar cravings hit like crazy in the late afternoon and I shut them up with some chai tea and Futurelife crunch cereal. Not the best but far better than how I have been eating! I’ve gained a whopping 6 kg’s in the last month thanks to all the hormones so this is it now. Before I become a total elephant and Ana starts making me stick my fingers down my throat (and I’m emetophobic so that’s when I KNOW it’s bad). Actually surprised that I’m still eating and plodding along. I’m keeping Ana quiet by keeping my mind busy or distracted with series or reading or getting sucked into Facebook…mundane stuff like that.

I’m to tired to write any more tonight. Sleep time…


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