Sunday Sleepiness

Busy bleeding my car brakes with the help of my man. Had to replace brake pads yesterday and thank heavens it only cost R300 and I’m dating a petrolhead who could fit them for me.
Sat with him and learned a lot whilst playing assistant and getting all grimey. Actually was really nice to bond like that over something he is passionate about…not brakes, lol, but cars and all their inner workings. I’m a girls girl…I can barely change a tyre.

Things with my partner have been much better. He’s been very caring and seems to have really listened when we spoke last. It’s so weird for me as this is my first proper adult relationship. Learning to traverse communication and that relationships aren’t all over when something is wrong but rather that things can be talked over and changes made without yelling and big blow ups and sulking. It’s awesome.

In other news, Visanne seems to have stopped working so good thing I’m just finishing this pack. Going to the pharmacy just now. I’m also extremely sleepy so think I might nap in a bit.

That’s about it really.


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