Endometriosis Myths

Reading up on some endo stuff and keep coming across information on how to reduce your risk of developing it…

They all seem to say:
Regular exercise/low body fat percentage
avoid alcohol
avoid caffeine
being on hormonal birth control

Um..ya no. Let’s look for a second – yoga and hula hooping and before that, hip hop and modern dancing. I don’t drink AT ALL. I can’t have caffeine. And I was on the BC pill from the age of 16. What a load of bull!

In fact the BC pill covered up the endo pain for many years so that no one even suspected I had it. It is probably part of the reason why I am where I am now. I started my period when I was 15 (late I know) and then I would bleed so heavily that I had to sleep with towels on my bed. I was put on pills for a while to help stop the heavy bleeding. I also suffered headaches (occasionally migraines) and horrible pain that would have me in bed or on painkillers whenever I had my period. But as so many others have said, I was just told it was normal.

Anyway, another myth seems to be this retrograde menstruation thing. I’ve read some articles saying that this doesn’t seem to be a viable cause as it really doesn’t explain why endo then grows in weird places like the lungs or brain. More research is being done so it’s not excluded yet, but it makes sense to me.

Anyway, that’s my two cents on how little is actually known about this disease. Here’s to more research and hopefully getting to the bottom of it all.


2 thoughts on “Endometriosis Myths

  1. I just wish they could find some pain and bleeding management that actually works for endo. I am currently on the pill, have a mirena (IUD) and had a laparoscopy in late October. Still bleeding, still in crippling pain. I don’t understand how an illness that damages 1 in 10 women’s lives can have so little knowledge about it. Frustrating.

    • I feel you ❤ I think the problem is that medical science doesn't yet understand enough about the link between all the complex systems in our bodies. They always treated everything as so separate but now they are beginning to see how linked everything is and are slowly learning. In the meantime, I'm trying the natural route as all the hormones and painkillers are just too much. I'm hoping it works and will post up as I go along. I hope you find relief soon too xx

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