Sick and Tired, Literally

Yes, at 23:35 I am ecstatic to be sitting up in bed feeling sick as a dog. I was watching a movie with my boyfriend and we both dozed off. But I just kept waking up feeling sick. Eventually I got up and re made my hot water bottle, got a mug of hot water and took an anti nausea pill.

I feel slightly better, which means horribly nauseous but at least not like I need a bucket right this second. thoyght back through everything I ate today and seriously think this must be from Visanne (which I started yesterday) or movicol messing with me. With the amount of meds I am on, I could start a small drug dealership. Movicol, visanne, celebrex pill/voltaren injection (depends on how I feel), digestive enzymes, probiotic, multivitamin, anti stomach cramp stuff, burnout for adrenal fatigue, zinc and magnesium. And iron, but not taking that right now. Movicol, visanne, magnesium and the pain meds all make me a queasy to some degree. It’s an emetophobic’s nightmare. I found out if I take the movicol on an empty stomach when I wake up then I feel okay…but then any food that passes my lips until nearly lunch time makes me feel so sick again. But then I need food for magnesium and burnout and painkillers. Luckily I can pop my anti nausea pills whenever. And I am using them a lot lately.

Jeez I am so sleepy my eyes are swimming and I’m not entirely sure what I’m typing. I need to try sleep. But first I must pee for like the hundredth time tonight. I want out of this ridiculous body. Worst design EVER…


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