Body Love


I saw this the other day and was sad to realise that my first reaction was, ‘yeah right!’ said with a whole bucket of sarcasm. But I guess it is true. I’ll just have to work on really truly believing it.

I ended up in the ER on Monday night with severe right side pain. I was out with some friends and it just got worse and worse until eventually,  on the way home, my best friend (who was convinced my appendix was about to go) insisted on taking me to the ER.

The doctor simply said she thinks it’s muscular, I was given yet another Voltaren injection, a Tramadol capsule to take home, and told that I could wait in the hospital for a bit or just go home. I chose home. I also stashed the Tramadol as I’d rather save it for the day my period is due…which is on Thursday. Wow, you can just imagine how excited I am about that.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday and my right side is still sore. Not like Monday night but definitely not happy camper. Good news is I am currently waiting outside the specialists offices for my appointment at 8am! Never been so excited to see a doctor in all my life.

I’ve also been putting on weight due to hormones and eating crap. Was tempted to weigh myself yesterday but figured I really didn’t need another thing stressing me out. I feel so fat. I am sitting or lying down pretty much all the time and have been 3-months-bloated for a month.

Ok, I need to run. Let’s hope this goes well!

One thought on “Body Love

  1. Yep, hate going to E.R. but sometimes you just gotta know what the problem is. Some people have gone thinking they were having a heart attack, yet it was a panic attack. Just as worrisome, better to know than wonder. Have a great day. Deb 🙂

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