Chronic Illness and Life


This past week has been unbelievable. I’m unsure how I managed to go to work, cook, shower, attend a wedding, attend an event and still catch up on articles for my website.

On Thursday and Friday I was in so much pain I had to go for Voltaren injections because I didnt have time to sit at my local government hospital for something stronger. I have a whole new respect for women living with endometriosis. Not having my period for the padt year was a blessing. But I suppose if I hadn’t pushed for answers and gone onto the Nuva Ring then I would not be sitting here preparing for lap surgery in the near future, and I would never have realised that most of my chronic issues are in fact probably related to this one thing.

Problem is the hormones have kick started all the pain again. So now I must just get through each day until surgery. Positive is it’s teaching me a new level of strength and also how to manage my days. I have read up a lot on endo and PCOS. I have also read up on how to manage each day and how to cope with knowing that my life will never quite be what I want.

However, I must push on! Today I am filling in my application forms to do high school maths and science. And although I’ve had to postpone going to uni by a year I am still dead determined to do my degree. Maybe it’s for the best as I don’t think I could handle much more stress right now anyway. Am fighting not to get dragged into depression by this. It’s tough when I’ve had to give up yoga and I have to lie in bed most of the time.

I am sure the studies will keep my mind busy and will help keep me motivated. Here’s to carrying on. Here’s to life’s lessons…as much as I hate them sometimes.


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