Finally Finding Answers?

Today’s news is that the ball is rolling and steps are being taken towards finally going in for laparoscopic surgery.

Very scared but also oddly excited as this could mean answers at last. Been living off pain killers since last week and since I removed the Nuva Ring yesterday it’s a game of ‘wait and see’ again. If I don’t get a period this time then I’m stuffed. Or at least until surgery. Hoping they will find the cause for that too.

Also IBS and bladder been worse. I eat one proper meal a day then am full up for ever after and bladder pressure is awful, but luckily am near a bathroom at home and work. Been getting pains in my lower back now too. Thinking perhaps adhesions and such are what links this all, even the neuropathy type symptoms. Wow…imagine finding out all of this was just endo the whole time! Am going to have to call on all my patience during this process!


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