Hope at Last

So yesterday I found out that my dad’s mum had endometriosis and suffered horrible pains and also bladder issues. Her sister also miscarried 3 times.

It may sound weird but I nearly cried with joy. At last I feel a little less alien. And I feel I can now contact my gynae and ask her for the lap surgery. I guess before I just felt like I was being silly, because everyone keeps telling me that. It’s such a weight off my shoulders!

The pain has been getting slowly worse and for the last 4 days I’ve been taking painkillers and carrying a heating pad around. I’ve also had more issues with my IBS including awful hormonal headaches and nausea. And I am peeing like a pregnant woman. It’s fun and games. But now, tomorrow I can call and get the ball rolling. It’s also so bizarre but I actually look forward to the surgery because I will also be allowed to rest without everyone guilt tripping me. Even the pain will be worth it. Not like I’m pain free now anyway.


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