IBS Vengeance

I’m at work and an in agony 😦 I bought a chicken and spinach salad for the little girl I look after and when she didn’t finish it, I did the parent thing because I hate wasting. ..and ate the last few bites. Stupid stupid me.

Now I’m sitting here with excrutiating stomach pain, feeling that horrid sick-shaky-reaction that I get when I eat something that my body hates. Why the heck did I eat it. I knew the lemon pepper sauce on it probably wasn’t a good idea yet I ate it anyway. Argh my whole body feels like lead.

I’ve been doing better with my food in terms of eating much healthier. Have battled a bit with ED thoughts as I’ve gone from 52kg in December up to 56kg end of February. But the hormones I’m on make sure I eat as they make me feel quite hungry. It’s a pain in the ass and I hate my body at the moment but I’m too fatigued to care. Lol. Good and bad in everything I suppose.

So now I need to curl up in a ball and die quietly but I have errands to run for Munchkin’s mum and cakes to bake for cake sale at the school tomorrow. And unless someone suffers from chronic illness they will not understand the strength it will take just to get through today. Especially as I only had 4 hours sleep last night for sime stupid reason.

Okay..that’s my moan for the day. Time to suck it up and just get throygh the next 3 hours!


2 thoughts on “IBS Vengeance

  1. Well u still weight less than me but I understand the weight changes. I’m constantly told ‘oh you put on weight oh you lost weight’ but I havnt done anything different… I find that taking enzymes, activated charcoal and probiotics help when I’m having an allergy attack. And get home ASAP and lying down with either a cold or hot pack.

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