Lady Problems

Today I’m off to see a new gynae. It’s been nearly a year since I had a period; last one was in April last year. The gynae I was seeing is useless. She has made no effort at all to find out what is going on or what is causing it. After trying the run of the mill tests and pills it’s like further investigation was too much effort.

I was put on the pill to try and control the pain I was in when I was getting a period but that just made the pain worse. Even Tramadol didn’t take the pain away. Not to mention any hormone pills make me loopy. So I came off them. And haven’t had a period since. Granted they were already starting to go MIA as sometimes I’d go three months or so with nothing,  just mild pain.

She did another scan and confirmed I still had lots of cysts on my ovaries, however they had now shut down and I had almost no uterine lining. I had lost a lot of weight due to IBS and my subsequently triggered anorexia so was put me on Provera pills for 10 days and told to eat more.

None of that worked either. I also have bladder issues which may or may not be linked. Plus this blasted herpes which is plaguing me. I’m having a breakout at least once a month. I was doing some research on Autonomic Neuropathy and want to query this. Especially since last year I started getting pins and needles/numbness in my arms and lower legs.

I’m actually excited to go today because I’m hoping she’ll have some answers or at least help me find them. She came highly recommended and costs a bloody arm and a leg…so here’s to hoping.


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