Still Awake

It’s 12:48am and I’m still up. I finished up an assignment for the Coursera course I’m busy with and now wasting time online because I feel too sore and sick to sleep. I haven’t tried to…am too scared to lie down as I feel pretty nauseous.

I came home after quiz and my boyfriend suggested I eat something as perhaps that’s why I’m not feeling well. So I made a smoothie because I don’t have anything else at his house that I can eat. His freezer contains processed crumbed chicken, bacon, burger patties and ice creams and in the fridge I found cheese and chilli sauce and a lot of expired stuff, plus the plain yoghurt I used in my smoothie. But the smoothie didn’t go down well. I am craving salt..I think. I can never tell when I feel like this. I can’t even begin to think why my IBS is acting up this time, besides the previously mentioned stress. My stomach is burning, I have a headache and my whole body is aching. This feels a bit like Saturday actually. I wonder what on earth it is…I’m such a ‘why’ person. I NEED to understand the ‘why’ behind everything or I feel frustrated. And this is why I get so frustrated with this. I don’t know WHY my body is reacting like this.

Is it the stress? And if so why would stress affect my body like this? It can”t have been something I ate..or was it? I run through my meals and all I can think is the bit of tuna I had with lunch, except that was from a tin I only opened last night. And my smoothie wouldn’t set it off. And I took my probiotics so I shouldn’t be flaring up. Can’t be a bug or I’d be in a far worse state. What is going on inside my gut right now, between all my organs and my teeny cells all communicating, or perhaps not communicating. Haha, that makes me picture a bunch of teenage cells all wandering around in a hormonal fog of up and down moods. Guess it’s a good analogy for IBS guts actually; moody teenager cells all roaming around all slouchy and slow, not communicating and then shouting because they’ve bottled stuff up, slamming doors and creating a general ruckus.

Hahaha…I really like the images that brings to mind of why an IBS gut might function like it does 😛

Anywho, I’m actually feeling sleepy. I’ve worked extremely hard these last two days, I deserve to sit back a bit and at least TRY get some sleep tonight.

Sweet dreams x


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