IBS, You Wretched Illness

I am on stage MC-ing like I do every Wednesday and BAM…IBS kicks in. Like out of the fekking blue. Granted the reason I haven’t posted in a while is because I have been so snowed under with my To-do list and yesterday and today have been so stressful I have been running on near pure adrenalin. I also ran out of my digestive enzymes 3 days ago and can feel the difference. I am barely hungry at all…although I’m sure the stress is definitely contributing towards this.

So anyway, I am on stage running this pub quiz (I haven’t mentioned it before because the less clues to my identity the better..at the moment) and I have 3 more rounds to go. I suppose I can run to loo in between rounds at least. And I’ve taken an anti nausea as extreme nausea always seems to pre-empt my flare ups. And it’s so bizarre that I am still suffering extreme IBS C. Oh and the ‘bug’ I thought I had over the weekend may just have been a flare up too. I ate pineapple on Friday which could of set it off. Or it could’ve been any number of arbitrary, random things.

I get my new lot of supplements in the next day or two. I left it a bit long before ordering and still slacking on the clean eating. I don’t know why I just cannot cut out all grain and sugar…okay..actually I do know. It’s because they are addictive! I keep saying, “tomorrow” and then tomorrow comes and again it’s “tomorrow”. Granted I am eating 90% clean so I can give myself a pat on the back for that. Oh, and I am smoking again, on and off, mostly socially. This means some days I don’t smoke at all, others I have maybe 2 or 3 cigarettes.

Anyway, stomach is okay-ish now. But my body is feeling like it doesn’t want to hold itself upright any more. Nearly done. One round left. Wretched IBS.


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