Worst Nightmare

I think I have a bug. My brother was sick on Monday, up the whole night with one of the most horrendous bugs. We thought it was food poisoning but he’s still not 100% so must be a bug.

My stomach was in knots on Tuesday from stress and what I thought might be a bit of a buggy tummy…but in retrospect it was just stress. However, I wasn’t feeling great last night and this morning I was on loo with normal IBS C. Stomach felt very tender and crampy for a while and now back on loo and for the first time in 2 years it’s not C. This immediately tells me something isn’t right. Plus I battled through my morning smoothie.

Let’s put into perspective why I am writing an entire post on this: I’m emetophobic. As in I would rather die (literally) than throw up. I don’t understand how I picked up the bug. I was so careful. Washing my hands and using clean utensils and not really coming into contact with my brother as he was in his room or out, if he wasn’t in bathroom. I want to die. I’m freaking out but also trying to calm myself down. I just drank my ultra flora and I have very good anti nausea pills…sitting on loo I am used to, so maybe I can just keep it at one end!

Omg why 😦 just took anti nausea. Cannot deal. At least I have bucket next to bed but still…ok..calm down. Deep breaths. Bleugh.  And I’m supposed to be going to an awesome picnic and concert (of one of my fave singers) with my friends and boyfriend this afternoon!! Fuck you universe. This is so uncool.


2 thoughts on “Worst Nightmare

  1. As a fellow sufferer, I feel your fear! I just wrote my own post on my fear of puking. Only another person who is just as frightened as us can understand how this really can wreck a person’s life. I chew Lorazapam like candy when I get a queasy stomach and it seems to help. This year’s stomach flu is horrid and I too am trying to avoid it. You are not alone!!! Good Luck!

    • It is an awful fear! And so illogical, lol. At least we aren’t alone 🙂 I will go take a look at your post as would love to read it. I take Mitil which is part anti-anxiety and part anti-nausea, it works like a charm but yes, I take them quite often too :/
      Hugs xxx

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