A Problem Person or A Solution Person?

Great post, I just had to share.

I think as one who suffers from a range of mental disorders (It’s not as bad as that sounds, lol) I think I can identify with being a “problem person”. Too often, especially suffering from depression or eating disorders or borderline, we become bogged down by negative thoughts and spend more time focussing on what is wrong than how we can change it.

I recently spoke to a friend recently who was off loading about the same problem he has had for a while which is really getting him down to the point of self harming again and I simply said: “The only way to stop the decent into the black hole is to either change the situation or to change the way you are thinking about the situation.”


Everyday we’re confronted by problems and challenges in varying degrees. They are seemingly endless. “My boss hates me! I can’t deal with Sally. I have no friends.”

With each passing day, more seem to arise, till they consume us. The only thing you crave is a breath of fresh air, as you desperately gasp.

Running away isn’t a permanent solution. You have to deal with them head on. You have the option between two different types of people.

Are You a Problem Person?

Unfortunately, the majority is this person. Sometimes, I’m this person. I focus on the problems and wallow in them, letting them consume me, till they affect everything.

Thoughts, feelings, and habits all go down the tubes, as I internally scream, ‘why me!’

This type of person is only concerned with one thing – when is the next problem going to arise? They expect more problems, and it’s almost like…

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