New Years Eve and Missing Spoons

Tonight I host a pool party for new years eve. I’m so excited! Got such a fun crowd coming, have balloons and hula hoops and bubbles and floating candles, made alcoholic jello cubes, got stuff for some amazing salads…now if only I could get off the couch.

It would be today that I’m so low on spoons. You’d think after being bed bound all of yesterday I’d have a surplus. If only it worked that way. At least my stomach has calmed down. THAT would’ve been embarrassing; missing my own party because of being stuck on the loo. The joys of IBS. Although I’m still wondering if it’s a bug or the effects of the herpes breakout and the antiviral meds.

Bleh. I’m actually too dizzy to continue writing this at the moment. Think it’s nap time. Then I’ll tackle the set up and catering. I hope.


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