Me Time and Pity Party Hangovers

I created a nest for myself on the couch this morning and so far have only moved to get tea, do some yoga, fix the internet (hahaha, because I’m cool like that) and to pee. I feel like such a Debbie Downer when I post so negatively but I guess this is my ranting space and if I can’t let it out here I will lose my marbles.

I feel better mind-wise today but body still battling. Slept terribly because of the herpes sores itching and hurting and because I had a cat that insisted on sleeping on top of my legs; which was kind of nice actually because she was all warm and purring. I find cats to be incredibly soothing. Actually I find most animals to be soothing. Anyway, I wasn’t hungry this morning AT ALL. I still feel like a clogged up drain so I just took my digestive enzyme pill and eventually pulled my smoothie out of the chiller because I had to put something in my stomach. I also did a little bit of Yoga whilst waiting for the router to reset.

My body is craving some activity, I can feel how my muscles tingle with joy at being stretched out again, how my joints click and creak out all the stiffness and aches, how my body laps up the increase in heart rate and the sudden rush of blood and oxygen. Cleansing and uplifting. Getting rid of the cobwebs 😛 And luckily the weather is beautifully sunny outside, so a swim might just be on the cards.

I’m going to rest now.


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