No More Food

Fed up of food. I’m sitting in movies and feel sick. I haven’t had that much to eat but I’ve nibbled crap. I had my normal smoothie for breakfast then nibbled some gammon and temporal n water and a chocolate for snack. Nibbled some Dorito chips (like 10) then had lunch which was a crumbed soya patty with a piece garlic bread and some salad. I had a mini cupcake then two sips of a milkshake. 

I just can’t any more. I hate feeling like this. I’ve got a small popcorn but can’t touch it. Anxiety and cramps and nausea and burning and fatigue. So much anxiety! And now I have to sit through a movie. I hope it distracts me. Let this day be over. I need to hole up on my own and detox and sleep.


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