Merry Christmas?

Merry Christmas to you all ♥ I hope everyone has or is having a day filled with love. My heart goes to those who are missing loved ones, to nurses and doctors and anyone else who is working to look after others on this day…thank you.

My Christmas has been generally good. Amazing what a mindset choice can do. But right now I am dying a little. Lol, yes, dramatic as always but seriously…

Today I was serious about trying to eat more. Even upping my calories over the last few months and have lost another 0.5kgs. So I took my digestive enzyme pill half hour before lunch and voila I could eat more! Not tons but definitely more 🙂 I even had some desert. A tbsp choc ice cream and 2 tbsps Christmas cake, lol.

But now I’m suffering. Was stuck on loo. Worst cramps and pain I’ve had in ages with waves of nausea and shivering. IBS with a vengeance. And I am reminded why I don’t eat much. How can I put on weight when eating more does this to me??

Anyway. I’m being anti social. Just needed to vent a bit. So sore. Hate it. Makes me sad.


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