Sleep Deprivation and New Adventures

Another great night of sleep, clocking maybe four and a half to 5 hours solidly; if I was lucky. I’m reading The Hunger Games (because I always need to read the books, they’re generally better) which kept me up passed midnight and then omg I wake up at 5am! Like WHYYYYYYYYY!?

And I didn’t just ‘wake up at 5am’, I woke up at 5am feeling like I’d been hit by a truck, rolled off the road and dragged through a bush. But I just couldn’t get back to sleep. So I picked up my book again.

I have done better with eating since yesterday, even spent hours in the kitchen making coconut and tapioca flour rolls with my very own veggie burger patty recipe. The roll recipe needs some serious tweaking as the one I found stated that the recipe made 10 rolls when it only made 5 tiny ones, and the the ratio of ingredients was all wrong so I ended up having to add close to another entire cup of flour. BUT, besides being a little over cooked they actually taste awesome. And the pattys were a great success. I even got them to bind quite nicely. So, pat on the back to myself.

Today I feel a bit off though…feels a bit premenstrual-ish (queasy, ravenous hunger, mild headache, needing to pee all the time) but considering my ovaries have shut down I’m not entirely sure this is possible. Unless they have suddenly woken up. Which would be pretty cool because the thought of not being able to have kiddies is something I have totally pushed into the ‘to be dealt with later’ box. And apparently the longer one’s lady bits don’t work the more they atrophy 😦 I wish my gynae could just make some kind of effort to try work with me and resolve this issue but it’s just like all the other doctors: they don’t seem very bothered if it isn’t straight up, out-of-the-book diagnosis. They’re like a bunch of well behaved robots really, totally unable to step outside of their programming.

Anyway, am busy looking at new website layouts as am re-branding my old site and going to start posting up ‘green living’ stuff: cool recipes, cruelty free, chemical free, etc. I really get all excited inside when I think of this re-branding and going to study a degree in natural medicine! What an adventure 🙂

But first…some supper and a good night’s rest.


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