Day 0 – Slippery Little Slope

This elimination diet is failing horribly and I am agitated with my utter lack of self discipline. I am supposed to be doing this to help ease inflammation and work with the healing of my gut and detoxification of my body but no, instead I do the same old pattern of self sabotage instead. The first week I did so well and by Saturday could actually get out of bed, I had energy and it continued through until Sunday and then Sunday afternoon I started feeling bit iffy. I can only put this down to the fact that I nibbled chips and cake and a chocolate milk because I was feeling so much better and felt a tad invincible…

Alas, I am not even remotely invincible. In fact I am right back to square one and still nibbling crap. In all honesty I am eating 90% elimination diet but it’s the damn sugar, especially chocolate. This just means it’s something I REALLY need to give up as am obviously addicted. Just today I had 3 tsps of Nutella and a small chocolate brownie plus a sip of some random fizzy drink. I don’t even drink fizzy drinks!!! And last night I got perhaps 3 hours of sleep because I had such a bad IBS flare up that I didn’t even eat until around 2pm today because I just couldn’t face food. I did manage a basic smoothie made with rice milk because I had to take the Endefen but other than that it was just sips of water and even then I felt sore and sick.

Anyway, I will not let this set a bad tone. Perhaps I should see this as an affirmation that eating clean is indeed what is needed. I seriously need to write a weekly meal plan and just stick to it. that’s what I did the first week and it worked. I was also better at taking my supplements. This week I haven’t taken my Ultraflora probiotic at all :/ I have to take it between meals and I just keep forgetting.

So, let’s get a good nights sleep and tomorrow is a new day. I’ll just have to work at putting this anger at myself to one side because it makes the self sabotage need even stronger…jeez, please excuse that sentence structure…sleep time.


2 thoughts on “Day 0 – Slippery Little Slope

  1. Don’t beat yourself up. I’m trying to eat better too every time i eat sugar i get horrible stomach pains and nausea but i do it anyway. I think its emotional eating for me. Your brain just tricks you into thinking you want it then you suffer. Stay strong write it all down! 😊

    • I’m trying my best not to beat myself but it is hard when, like you said, you end up feeling so sick or sore but can’t help it. I said to my mum last night, it’s like being a drug addict and just that one little bit gets you craving again. I am addicted to chocolate and sugar, I literally get withdrawal! Scary! And yes, food and emotion have always been linked for me too.

      Thanks for your support ❤ We CAN do this!!

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