Day Four: The Day of the Roller-coaster

Yes, in more ways than one this day has been a roller-coaster. 1) because one minute I have energy and the next I’m panting and breaking out into a sweat and so exhausted I fear I may collapse and 2) because I feel a bit like I’ve actually physically been on a roller-coaster with my stomach sitting in my throat.

Yesterday I was so exhausted I bailed on my normal Wednesday night job and stayed in bed. My whole body ached like that darn bus had made an appearance again and hit me good and proper. My damaged knee was aching right into my hip and lower back so that I was hobbling along bent over with my left arm in a crutch and my right hand on my lower back to try ease the pain, like those stereotypical grannies you see on TV. And the enzyme supplement I’m taking made me feel quite ill around lunch time with horrible fizzy burps and burning. But I made it through the 4 hours of afternoon work and then had a hot bath, a healthy supper and snuggled down into my bed with a good book (Hope by Lesley Pearce if anyone is interested in reading…which I take it you are because you’re reading this).

Today I woke up feeling a bit more bright eyed and bushy tailed but after about two hours and a bowl of oats (stupid stupid stupid idea) I was exhausted and brain foggy again. I was supposed to spend the morning with a friend working on a creative project but ended up cancelling and just staying in bed again. Then lunch time with the second enzyme capsule ended up worse than yesterday; felt so sick I ended up sitting with a bucket next to my bed and burping and cramping and farting…it was really attractive and just about as much fun. I felt better after going to the loo…although I must say I’m still getting used to this everyday toilet thing and also not being super constipated. Then I slowly started getting more energy and felt light and happy and even lasted during work AND drove to visit my poor neglected boyfriend for a bit afterwards. Then the tiredness hit again.

I’m sitting in bed now and I’m still breaking out into a sweat with my whole body shaky. I had supper, was sure I felt hungry but then after my ginger water I started feeling super super nauseous. I ended up taking an anti nausea tablet about 15 minutes ago. Really have to get over this emetophobia thing. Good news is my body is very obviously detoxing and healing like it is supposed to be doing. I’ve had to slacken the reigns a bit on the elimination diet as was not getting enough substantial food with the supplements already detoxing. Was like a double whammy and a tad extreme. So have added in eggs, cheese and yoghurt as well as some honey in my tea after supper. Let’s add that this isn’t without mild guilt as my little eating disorder buddy tut tut’s in the background. She’s having a hard time with me feeling hungry but she shuts up because I am pretty much living off fruit and veg.

I seriously need to lie down now. Will check in again soon and update on how this is all working. Let’s hope this is the answer to my healing and getting my life back…and if that means feeing like utter shite for a bit before I start to get better then I will darn well grin and bear it.

Goodnight lovelies


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