Elimination Diet, Supplements and Being Hit by a Bus

Not a real bus, but a figurative one. Say hello to day 3 of the elimination diet and healing process.

My supplements were supposed to arrive on Monday but were delayed, so only started those today. But I was able to start easing in to the elimination diet so long. It helped that I was so sick on Sunday I never wanted to see food again. Not sure what I ate (isn’t that always the case) but my digestive system flared up like a raging monster and I really thought I was going to throw up, even after taking my anti nausea tablets. That alone scared me enough to confirm my decision to cut out allergen foods. Then I was awake most of the night writhing in pain, thought I might actually end up at the ER again but I didn’t want to disturb anyone so quietly made a hot water bottle and curled up in a ball in the dark instead.

Monday: Yippeee! Detox time. Hmm..what to have for breakfast? Smoothie. It contains yoghurt. Oh wait, I’m not cutting out plain yoghurt as it’s been helping me. Ok. Smoothie it is. Physiotherapy at 12pm because leg is still stuffed. Hungry and peeing like a race horse. Not so tired, actually feel kind of liberated. Did a big shop with my dad who has said he’d like to try eat healthier and do an edited version for himself. Had awesome day, only felt cravings after supper when I wanted a hot chocolate or a sweet tea with a rusk…my routines, my comforts. Caved in and had half a home made wheat free crunchie. Did physio exercises, knee aching but at least on one crutch now.

Tuesday: Appointment with university about degree application. Bought some stevia tablets to replace sugar. Knee starts paining something awful. Back on two crutches. yay. Off to Uni. SO excited, meeting goes exceptionally well and I have high hopes. Hungry. STARVING. Getting fed up of this gaping hole in stomach. Cravings bit worse today. Just want bread and cheese and chocolate!! Eat melon and blueberries instead. Work, do physio exercises, go home hungry. Chat to mum and realise I have had no protein other than 3 tbsp plain yoghurt in smoothie! No wonder am hungry. Stuff it…eat 1 heaped tsp peanut butter and other half crunchie plus tsp plain yoghurt. Supplements are delivered. Write up list of when and what and how to take each day. Lots to remember! Make supper of seaweed wrap with quinoa, lemon pepper, coconut oil, raw carrots, cucumber, sprouts. Avo with salt and pepper as a dip. Knee feeling better. Stomach not enjoying wrap so much. Try stevia in tea…YUCK. Throw out and opt for 1/2 tsp honey with some ginger in hot water. Better. Heartburn. So tired.

Today: Started supplements. Iron 30 min before breakfast. Endefen powder in my smoothie (quite nice actually) and one Supergest capsule with first mouthful plus Solal burnout capsule after breakfast. Feel alright; bit anxious because I don’t like taking new things but am okay. Working.
Keep burping and it’s as if I’ve had fizzy drink?? What on earth. Headache starts. Feeling bit queasy. Drink water. Hungry. Want toast. Eat apple with tsp peanut butter. Feel more queasy. Off to loo and not constipated to death…this is the first time in 2 years! More water. Hungry.

I need to do physio exercises and I need to go to shop. Would rather curl up in bed. Lunch is rice with sweet potato and peas and I think I’m going to have to add chicken or lentils as am craving protein beyond anything! Going to complete my meal plan for next week and make sure I have everything. Planning seems to be the big key in all of this. I need to have snacks ready. Planning on making kale chips. Also sweet potato chips. Need salty snacks as all I’m snacking on this week is fruit and peanut butter. I know I shouldn’t have peanut butter, probably worst allergen but I’ve never had a problem with it and it’s additive free.

Okay, must go to shops now. Need electricity so that I can do washing and need to prep lunch. This is going to be fun with headache and brain fog and crutches. Woop woop.


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