Illness and Us

Slowly but surely things are really starting to line up. I’ve been looking at nutrition/naturopathy/functional medicine courses and really feel like I may finally be on to something.

My whole life I’ve struggled with mental and physical health. At 6 months old I was in hospital crying and crying and doctors couldn’t figure out why. I ended up having a lumbar puncture to see what was potting…I don’t actually think they found anything. So I’m not joking when I say ‘my whole life’ I have battled with my health! That was the first of many, many visits to the doctor.

Thing is, being so sick has made me realise how sick the world really is. It has allowed me to connect with others who are struggling; and let me tell you that this includes nearly every single person I come across. The amount of people with ‘exclusion diagnosis’ like IBS, MS, Fibro. The amount of women with PCOS, endo, unable to have children. And the growth in cancer rates has been shocking in the last year. I recently won tickets to attend a talk by Patrick Holford and it blew my mind. Here was everything I knew. Everything that I had felt inside but always felt crazy for thinking because surely science rules over my silly suspicions.

But here it is. There is something seriously wrong. Money and big corporations are ruling our health and there is so much hidden from public view which, unless you specifically go look it up, you would never know about. For instance, there was recently a mild uproar because there was something about a derivative of rubber found in our white bread (I didn’t look it up so won’t claim to know the whole story). Also, do you know how toxic MSG really is? But it’s allowed in our food as long as it’s below a certain percentage. But think if you eat 10 foods all containing this percentage of MSG, all those little bits add up and voilà you’re eating a fair amount of poison without even realising it. A ton of supplements have been found to contain fillers, mould and only trace amounts of the claimed vitamin it is supposed to be providing. Pharmaceuticals which we think are launch because they are ‘new and improved’ are not really, it’s just that the patent ran out and the companies need to change it up to get a new patent so that they can continue making money off of us.

My personal experience has been with nutrition, SSRI’s/tranqs/sleeping pills and hormone pills. I am super sensitive to a ton of foods because my body just cannot handle the toxicity of all the chemical crap. I thought I was crazy. I was called fussy and told it’s all in my head. But I can legitimately feel the difference between eating clean and eating all the rubbish. I have also been on and off SSRI’s since I was 17. I have now been off them for just over 2 years and am more functional than I have EVER been in 10 years on them. TEN years of my life fighting these med’s but in the end relenting because I think the doctors know best and I am mentally ill so therefore what do I know. But I know my body. The only time I have ever tried to commit suicide was on these drugs. The only time I have ever been completely loopy is on the very pills that were supposed to help. And tranquillizers? Jeez. All I did was sleep and sleep and sleep. How is that functioning?? How is that living? For years I was on Yasmin (birth control pill) only to find out last year that both Yasmin and Yaz were under scrutiny for causing numerous deaths. I did some research and the amount of law suits are actually frightening. They even still prescribe Yaz in South Africa (I think it was actually pulled off the market in most countries overseas) as long as you sign a form beforehand so that the doctor and company cannot be held liable should you kick the bucket! Can we just take a minute…

In 2012 I had horrible pelvic pain and instead of proper investigation I was shoved on course after course of some of the most hectic antibiotics. These made me so sick I could barely function but I kept taking them because, again, doctors know best and they were just trying to make me better. It’s after these that my stomach started giving me major issues again. It has now been 2 years of battling with my gut to the point of revisiting an eating disorder. Oh, and I still have pelvic pain, only now my ovaries have stopped functioning completely. And my gynae’s answer is to shove me on Provera for 6 months so that I will get a monthly period again instead of trying to find out WHY my ovaries have shut down (take note that it hasn’t even worked this month). Isn’t all this a bit like putting tiny plasters over gaping wounds? We are not being helped or healed, we are having symptoms treated and often by medication which simply creates other symptoms and sometimes incredibly detrimental long term effects.

HOW the hell did we allow the big companies to get this much control? How can we allow doctors to give us pills that have no long term testing or pills that have been SCIENTIFICALLY proven to cause cancer/bowl disorders/suicide/cluster headaches/nerve damage…the list goes on. And I don’t want to blame it all on doctors because they are simply doing what they are taught to do; I cannot paint all doctors with the same brush. And I am not saying that medicine doesn’t have it’s place. I am simply saying that there is too much disease and that we do not need to be shoved on pills at every turn. I am also saying that we need to be more aware of what we are consuming in our food products and start making a stand to regain our health and our lives.

We need to start waking up. We need to start making a change.

I would love to hear about your experience or your point of view, so please feel free to comment.


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