Fat Food Fiend

Aaaahhhh eating so much today. Just feel hungry all the time 😦 and man am I craving cheese!!

So far today:
7:30am mug of hot water
9:30am 3 tbsp plain double cream yoghurt with handful blueberries,  1/2 banana, some rice krispies, 6 almonds. Rooibos tea with 1 sugar.
10:30am 2 choc covered turkish delight squares
11:30am 1 vegetarian ‘chicken’ burger patty with tbsp cheese and 1 slice tomato. Mug of hot water
1pm (now) 1 tsp no sugar or salt added peanut butter, 1 bite cheddar cheese. Rooibos tea with 1 sugar.

More calories than I consume in a normal full day. Hate weekends. Off to a birthday later at a restaurant and then on to a cocktail bar.  I don’t want to be eating tons more and I have discovered if I have more than 6 or so cigarettes a day then my IBS gets out of control and I feel sick and hung over.  Eeeep!

Tempted to just read and sleep on couch. Started an awesome new book that I can totally lose myself in, which distracts me from this awful calorie increase.  But then again getting showered and a little dressed up also helps.

I’ve got two hours to decide. Maybe a nap will do me good.


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