Health and EDs

Read this somewhere (can’t remember where) and saved it in my phone because it really spoke to me:

“…also do know how badly your brain body etc need the nutrients. Despite my disorder I am actually very well educated about health.. I have spent my whole working career thus far working healthcare and pharmaceuticals and read anatomy books etc in my spare time. I like to be a well educated person. However, a disorder does not care what you know only what you feel.”

Although studying nutrition has been helping to some extent as I am able to choose foods that contain the best nutrients with the least amount of guilt. I am okay with eating avocado or double cream yoghurt or egg because I know my body will use it as opposed to eating crap. Plus I know that combining a protein and carb keep me fuller for longer and fuel my body with the right energy.

Perhaps it’s the feeling of empowerment that has come with this new knowledge that has helped…because I’ve always known my body needs food but I didn’t care. All food was the enemy. Now at least only some food is the enemy and I only eat when I am truly hungry…which isn’t that often actually.

I sometimes wonder if I’m still really bad at eating but don’t realise it anymore because for me it is so normal.
Yesterday I had:
Breakfast: 1tbsp double cream yoghurt with 4 strawberries and 1 rusk. Rooibos tea.
I had a homemade cranberry/sunflower seed crunchie after yoga with a cup of hot water.
Lunch: 1 vegetarian ‘chicken’ burger patty on slice toasted rye with some sliced Italian tomatoes, a bit of cheddar cheese and a tbsp lite mayo.
Supper: errr. Was busy so nibbled a tsp sugar/salt free peanut butter and a bite of a crunchie. Had a hot chocolate made with water.

Mostly I’ll eat berries and yoghurt for breakfast, rusk or fruit for snack, lunch is a slice rye toast with salad stuff and cheese or avo and an egg, and supper is veg with a protein.

And now I feel awful for looking at how bloody much I’m eating. Need to remind myself it is good for me. Lol at this ED brain.


5 thoughts on “Health and EDs

  1. I think educating yourself on nutrition is great. I was in the same situation years ago and decided to take a nutrition class to understand things better and learn new “tricks”. Now, I am a dietitian. (not a role model by any sorts!, so please don’t think I am judging in any way!)
    I am glad to hear that you are choosing the most nutrient dense stuff, it is a start! ❤

    • Hehe funny thing is I am registering to become a nutritionist, a 3 year course starting in Feb 🙂 also, not sure if I’d be a role model either but I definitely want to help empower people, especially those with chronic illness. Did becoming a dietician help you? Is it rewarding work?

      • That is wonderful! I think it did help me a lot. The one tough part was my clinical rotation with ED. That was triggering, so I know I can’t work in that area. So, I work with geriatrics now and have been for over 10 years and I love it, and I love cute old people!

      • 🙂 that’s great! Good to know it helped too. Yeh not entirely sure if I’ll be able to work with ED patients either but definitely want to work with chronic illness patients. Would love to get involved in research especially in the ‘food as medicine’ area.

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