Early Bird and Worms and Such

It is 5:37am. I’ve been awake since 5am, stubbornly keeping my eyes closed and the light on in the hopes that sleep will envelope me again. A girl can dream.

I can’t get my head to calm down. It’s running a mile a minute with things of little relevance at this hour: what costume will I wear for next weeks Halloween party and will I have time to do makeup for the band (they asked me to face paint. I wonder how my partner is doing after his little op yesterday. What am I going to cook for our 2 year anniversary this Saturday. Should I cook. Will he have got me something or will he just let me down like he did for our one year. How will I react. Should I get up and go watch the sunrise. How does my body feel today. Wonder if I’ll have enough money next month after all my days off sick, having to turn down freelance work and all my medical bills. What about my medical bills next month. The sun is rising, I should get up.

And so on. The sun really is rising. I think a hot chocolate and some journaling on the beach may be good for my soul. Now, will my body cooperate, lol…pass me the spoon.


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