Great Shifts

There is some great shift happening. I think I mentioned this before. A lot of old things have been coming up for me and I start freaking out thinking, “omg I can’t go here again!” but I’m having more days where I feel calmer, more accepting and gentle with this sick and soreness that is me. More able to let go.

This is a major theme in my life: letting go. I’m sure it’s a major theme in a lot of people’s lives. Why do we hang on to things: our past, our pain, our physical belongings, people, places, grudges, disorders and bad copers. Because it’s a comfort zone. Funny word that, bit of a misnomer really because most of the time it is anything but comfortable. Yet we stubbornly cling to the known for fear of the unknown. We crave adventure and life and yet we are too scared to step out the door. Too scared to be ourselves, to feel and do whatever we want. Because what if…

What if what? What if 3 people out of the approximate 7 billion on this planet think we’re weird? What if 1 of those say something nasty about us? What if we fail?? What if something isn’t what we thought it would be? What if I leave this miserable relationship/home/friendship/job?
So I began thinking about this fear. Surely if one is unhappy leaving, facing the fear and learning is a whole ton better than a life lived in boring misery? I suppose so.
What if by being ourselves we meet some extraordinary people who go “oh my word! ME TOO!”? What if 1 of those becomes a best friend? A lover? A soul mate? What if in being so carefree and full of love we make a lasting impact on those we come into contact with and they say, “wow, she is amazing. I wish I was that comfortable with being myself.”? What if we SUCCEED? What if something isn’t what we thought it would be, but rather is ten times better? What if you leave the misery and find your true calling? Your life partner? A new country where you feel more at home?

Why are we trained to be so negative? Because that is how the world is. We are fed negativity from the moment we are born. The media is a huge culprit. How can we not be fearful in such a cruel, harsh world?? But is it really…or is that what “they” want us to believe so that we don’t embrace our own power? Just imagine a world full of people who have embraced their true selves. Just imagine the power. A power that wouldn’t work within the confines of the rules put in place to restrict and strangle us.

The more I am sitting in this weird space of stillness, the more I seem to be seeing. Now, if I could just apply it!


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