Festival Time


This afternoon we leave for a big music festival. I have a bit of running around to do this morning and keep reminding myself I should shave my legs and rub them down with the self tan wipes I have. And that I mustn’t forget to buy new deodorant and get a new loufa (if I can’t find my travel sized one) and I need to pack this and that, and omg I can’t forget my cellphone cable and mustn’t forget to drop my boss’s petrol card off before I leave (or he’ll have my head!). As you can imagine I have been up since bright and early, 6am on the dot. My IBS is giving me issues so have already been to the loo and can feel all the gurgling and nerves and excitement going on inside.

So I’ll be out of touch until Monday probably. Really nervous about 4 days of this…I’ve only ever done 2 days and 2 nights (arriving on the Friday evening) and I generally look forward to going home just after that. I’m trying to talk myself through this though and at least this year I have my brother, my man and 3 of my closest friends to surround myself with. I also tend to go walkabout on my own and sometimes find a quiet spot to just get rid of all the energy I pick up at these things. Being hypersensitive can suck at these festivals!

Alright, so here it goes. Hope everyone gets through the rest of the week without any drama. See you all on Monday…if I survive haha


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