The Excitement of Salad

Although I’ve enjoyed staying in a 4 star lodge and spending time with people I love, I am quite excited to be heading back to my ‘normality’ tomorrow.

Breakfast: poached egg on slice white toast. Rest of toast dipped in yolk of second poached egg. Rooibos tea x2 teacups plus 1 sugar in each cup.

Nibbled a handful of chips, 2 liquorice allsorts, and 200ml ginger beer.

Lunch: 2 massive strawberries with pouring cream. Rooibos x1 teacup with 1 sugar.

Nibbled fruit jelly sweets (about a handful!). Decaf coffee with 2 sugars and milk.

Supper: hot water x1 teacup. 2/4 mini roast tomato and caramelised onion tart. 1/2 cup sauteed green beans and butternut. 1 and 3/4 roast potato.

Desert: half slice pear tart

I’m feeling an anxious wreck on and off but keep telling myself it’s okay. It’s a good thing I’m eating more. I just hate how uncomfortable I feel, especially tonight, had to force down more food than I felt comfortable with because people are noticing my eating is different. I was SO full thought I might pop! But am okay now.

Anyway, am excited to get home, to eat a salad if I want to, to eat when I want and how much I want. To get back to yoga!


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