Sick Day

Today I feel off. I woke up feeling…not nauseaous as such but gaggy, if that makes sense. I just figured I might be hungry so nibbled a rusk but then felt worse.

Decided to get up and go sit on beach and just getting dressed left me exhausted. I went anyway as I’d said I’d meet my dad there and help him set up a page for his photography. Got home but still had work to do so worked in bed. Considered calling in sick but I thought maybe I’ll feel better if I get up and get showered and such. I’m at work now and feel terrible. Dizzy, so tired my eyes want to close, weak and shaky. Obviously I was wrong about getting up.

Also my stomach is going from queasy to bottomless pit and back again. I’ve already eaten 618 calories to try combat the weak/dizzy/out of breath-ness. I’m just sitting here whilst the munchkin does her homework. Not much for me to help with today so feel like I could rather be in bed resting than sitting here feeling bloody awful. And I slept really well last night so really shouldn’t be this tired!

Argh I get so frustrated with my body! Or is it my mind? I never really know either way. I was totally fine yesterday, well, a bit tired from only 4 hours sleep and stupid panic attack,  but felt good otherwise. Actually was in a really good space yesterday.

Okay I can’t focus any more, going to ask if I can go home. I’m still working my other job tonight till 10pm! May this day please just end.


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