I Found a Scale

I haven’t weighed myself in ages and finally snuck on to the scale at the house where I au pair. I’ve got to be careful because I really don’t want the Munchkin to pick up any weight issues so I avoid the scale but let me tell you that it’s like a crack addict trying to avoid crack.

Anyway, I digress. The scale told me 52.7kg, in my winter jacket and after lunch…I think it’s broken. No, I know it’s lying because the last time I was on a scale I weighed 55kg. If I am 52.7kg I am now officially underweight which makes no sense! That would mean that my BMI is, um…I’m 1.7m so  Google says 18.4. I’m not that skinny and it’s not like I don’t eat because I do. Just last night I had a vegetarian patty which was 136 calories on it’s own, then I still had a slice of rye and a slice of cheese with that!

Today I have eaten:
Breakfast: 2 thin slices rye with marmalade,  cup hot water
Snack: 5 water crackers and a slice of cheese, cup hot water
Then nibbled 2 squares of Lindor chocolate and one bite chickpea fudge. Half a cup berry tea.
Lunch: half cup butternut soup and one slice french loaf, hot chocolate.
Snack: 2 slices cheese with 1 salticrax cracker and a slice salami.

Omg I feel like a pig now.
Yesterday I had a rusk and tea. Some lemon, ginger and honey tea. A carob and oat ball, chai tea. A small bulgarian yoghurt with a kiwi and tbsp dried pomegranate arills. Tea. 1 slice rye with veg patty and slice cheese.

Argh. Feel gross now, should not write out like that. Need to check My Fitness Pal for calories as I also did 2 hour yoga yesterday then walked around quite a bit in the afternoon. Going to go stand on scale again…

53kg. It’s terrible but this actually makes me excited and happy.


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