Untitled Part 2

It’s 9:21pm and I’m tucked up in bed. Still don’t feel great. Was the longest day I’ve felt in a while. Ended up just feeling very aggitated and had to try not take it out on the kid I look after.

Being an au pair for years means I fully understand what parents go through when you just snap at your kids. It’s hard to tolerate anything when I feel so aggitated. Oh and then the stupid dog flung sea water all over my legs making me icy cold (it’s mid winter here).

Anyway, as predicted, my stomach has been so sore since lunch that I only managed a 230ml serving of Ensure around 5:30pm and supper was a cup of hot water and half a crunchie. I still feel hungry-but-not. And everytime I eat my stomach grumbles and gurgles and cramps up. Hah! And I am so bloated I look pregnant! It’s hideous and fat. But it’s definitely not just my food issues, my IBS is legitimately having a field day.

I’m going to finish my movie now. Watching ‘Her’ with that Joaquin Phoenix guy. It’s pretty good actually; all arthouse and deeper meanings. Let’s see if I feel better tomorrow.

Good night.


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