Dreams, Not the Good Kind

*emetophobia trigger*

It’s 2:49am. I just woke from a dream in which I was throwing up. I was making stuff with another nanny I know and think I ate that gummy white craft glue or something. I threw up in this dream, just once. I had pieces of biscuit I was also washing out of my mouth and the last thing I ate tonigh was a rusk. So now I feel super ill. Stomach is churning after writing all that down so vividly as well. All sore and I keep picturing and feeling it again. Oh god this is awful. Im going to put a movie on and distract myself. I’ve got my elastic bands to snap and will use Stop method as well.

Argh, and I’m so tired as I battled to fall asleep. Ok..stop focussing on stomach. Distract self. You’ll be fine, it was just a dream, a horrible horrible dream.


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