Involuntary Early Bird

Woke up at 4:30am with sudden thought of “I feel sick” and horrid panic. Didn’t really feel sick, I know it’s just my panic disorder and emetophobia but it makes the panic attack no less real.

Still can’t figure how these attacks get me whilst I’m sleeping! My stupid brain is not supposed to be aware of stress and crap whilst I’m asleep, it’s supposed to be restoring. Perhaps I should do some research into this.

Also had my second hypnotherapy session yesterday. Was actually hypnotised this time but this morning’s panic attack doesn’t have me feeling very confident about the curing of my emetophobia. It’s definitely working for the anxiety though.  I’m able to calm myself a heck of a lot quicker and I do feel less stressed overall. Am actually able to go out a bit and enjoy myself now.

I feel less panicked now and think it’s time to get back to sleep, even feeling rather hungry. Stupid stomach. Stupid head.


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